Hungry to help?

We love our Brighter Biters!


To learn when and where volunteers are needed, please reach out to your city’s contact below.




Catherine Miller



Bethany Dawson



Melanie Button

Washington, D.C.


Tara McNerney

Southwest Florida


Marcela Romero

I’d love to donate time. Who can volunteer?

The more, the merrier. If you’d like to volunteer in Houston, you can contact Thelma Green. If you’d like to volunteer in Dallas, please reach out to Catherine Miller for more information. We’ve got opportunities in Austin too! Contact Bethany Dawson to learn more about volunteering in the state capital. To volunteer in NYC, connect with Melanie Button. For Washington, D.C. volunteering, please reach out to Tara McNerney. If you’d like to volunteer in Southwest Florida, please contact Marcela Romero to learn more!

How long do I need to volunteer for?

As long as you can for the eight-week season, whether it’s one week or all of ’em. The amount of time you’ll be needed each week will vary, as this is determined by how many people show up, but plan to commit 1-3 hours of your time per distribution. Thank you!

What do I do?

Volunteers should wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing that allows for full range of motion (no short shorts, please). Bring your driver’s license just in case your site requires it. You may do any or all of the following at a distribution:

  • Transport cases and bags of produce from the delivery truck to the bagging area.
  • Place a variety of fruits and vegetables into the Brighter Bites bags.
  • Keep the bagging area clean and tidy by disposing of trash and recycling.
  • Record recipients of produce on roster, hand out recipes, distribute the bags, and help families to their car.
  • Set up and pass out food samples, like smoothies, colorful dips, and fresh-sliced snacks.
  • Have fun helping kids realize how much they can enjoy fruits and vegetables (and remind yourself of the same thing!).