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Join us for a virtual cooking class experience benefitting families in need

Sunday, April 11, 2021

5:00PM CST

Current Progress: $14,875 of $1

join us
smart in the kitchen cheers

Join Us and Contribute Fresh Produce to Families Nationwide

Friends, join us on Sunday, April 11th for a virtual, family-friendly culinary experience with Marcia Smart of Smart in the Kitchen. Together we will prepare three healthy and delicious menu items, while engaging in important dialogue with Brighter Bites’ Founder Lisa Helfman and Board Member Scott McClelland facilitated by Houston Life Co-Host Courtney Zavala. 

This hands-on, stay-at-home event will benefit Brighter Bites’ critical work of providing fresh produce and nutrition education to nearly 30,000 families nationwide. 

Register below to gain access to the exclusive event.

The Lineup

Choose From 3 Ways to Participate

$50 General Admission Ticket

Gets you exclusive access to the event, including a list of all recipes and grocery ingredients sent out one week in advance.

$150 Supporter Ticket

Participants at this level will receive access to the event, as well as a curated, culinary event box sent to their homes in advance so they can cook with us in style. Contents include a custom embroidered Brighter Bites apron, a kitchen towel, multi-purpose reusable produce bags, a cooking utensil, and more!

$350 Premier Ticket

Patrons will receive all of the above, as well as a yearlong membership to Marcia Smart’s cooking school, Smart in the Kitchen. Benefits include a year’s worth of hands-on, participation classes focusing on knife skills, cooking techniques, quality ingredients, seasonal cooking, meal planning, and recipe specifics.

Culinary box highlights include:

  • A custom embroidered Brighter Bites apron, so you can prep, chop, and roast with us in style!
  • A nine-pack of multi-purpose poly mesh produce bags to promote sustainability around the planet and cut down on single-use plastic, while keeping your fruits and veggies fresh and organized.
  • Brighter Bites-approved fruit and vegetable tea towels to brighten up your kitchen.
  • Other specially curated cooking utensils, recipes, and more!

More Information

For more information about tickets, sponsorship packages, and additional opportunities, please contact Huntley Kubitza, Development Coordinator, at

All proceeds will benefit Brighter Bites, a national 501(c) nonprofit founded nearly 10 years ago with the mission of creating communities of health through fresh food. Brighter Bites provides underserved houses with access to free, fresh fruits and vegetables along with nutrition education for better health outcomes. This year, we will distribute over 10 million pounds of fresh, immune-boosting produce along with budget-friendly recipes, tip sheets, and other nutrition education resources to 30,000 families representing 135,000 individuals across seven cities.