Rosmery Garcia

Program Coordinator
Southwest Florida

Rosmery Garcia is a program coordinator for Brighter Bites in Southwest Florida. She grew up in a traditional Cuban household, where she watched her mom cook daily and where she developed a lasting passion for experimenting with recipes from all around the world. Rosmery is dedicated to healthy eating, after struggling with being overweight and obese throughout her life. Knowing firsthand the long-lasting impact that an unbalanced diet can have on a child’s physical and mental health, Rosmery wanted to learn more about this topic when she reached college.

Rosmery graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2018 with a degree in community health. Thanks to a number of volunteer opportunities during her time in school, Rosmery had the privilege to work with numerous nonprofits, which allowed her to become involved in initiatives aimed at increasing access to fresh produce for underserved populations. Having had the chance to witness the impact that regular access to fruits and vegetables can have on individuals, families, and communities, Rosmery developed a deep desire to one day work for a nonprofit with this same mission.