Katarina Sowerby, MBA

Director of Finance
Brighter Bites

Katarina Sowerby is the director of finance at Brighter Bites. She was born and raised in Indonesia where she earned an undergraduate degree in agricultural economics and worked for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as the Head of PR/Communications and Environmental Education for eight years.

Before moving to the U.S., Katarina lived in the U.K. and pursued a career in information technology. Upon earning her MBA from Loyola University New Orleans, she deliberately chose to work for a nonprofit organization where she could offer her talent, make a difference in society, and give back to the community. Prior to joining Brighter Bites, Katarina worked for a nonprofit counseling and training center for 12 years as the director of finance and administration.

In her “me” time Katarina loves to paint and sketch, read, do yoga and learn something new from TED talks and other platforms. In the rest of her free time, she enjoys cooking and entertaining friends, photography, traveling to protected areas and interesting artsy destinations. She lives in Houston with her husband, their young daughter, and their cat, Samantha.