Jennifer Boone

Director of Sourcing
Brighter Bites

Jennifer Boone is the director of sourcing for Brighter Bites. She ensures Brighter Bites program recipients receive the best fruits and vegetables possible by working closely with the produce distributors and suppliers around the country to obtain nutritious and delicious fresh food for each family.

Jennifer comes to Brighter Bites from PRO*ACT, a national network of produce distributors, where she was responsible for connecting local farms with wholesale buyers and promoting sustainability, especially through waste reduction, along the entire fresh produce supply chain. Jennifer graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in ecosystem management and completed a college internship in agriculture and natural resource policy in Washington, D.C.

When she is not sourcing fruits and veggies for Brighter Bites, you can find Jennifer in the kitchen with her husband cooking with produce from her own garden, teaching a yoga class, or (to her husband’s dismay) frequenting a plant nursery to find yet another houseplant. She is excited to bring her produce industry experience and her love for fresh fruits and veggies to the Brighter Bites team.