Jenna Babbitt

Program Coordinator
Brighter Bites Dallas

Jenna Babbitt is a program coordinator for Brighter Bites in Dallas. She is a passionate and experienced community builder who believes that connecting people to meaningful volunteer work will positively impact our world. She is committed to learning about the issues that plague her community and is dedicated to taking steps to become a part of the solution.

Jenna received her undergraduate degree in history with a focus on the history of public health from St. John’s University in New York City. While living in New York,¬†Jenna developed a deep love for food as she suddenly had access to diverse cultures and their culinary traditions.¬†After graduation, Jenna moved to Australia to attend a two-year leadership college in Sydney and she led and developed a group of community of university students who focused on providing emotional and spiritual support through small groups at the University of New South Wales.

Now back in Dallas, Jenna is driven by her work at Brighter Bites where she has merges her love of people, food, and living a healthy lifestyle. She is devoted to building relationships with the families that are a part of the Brighter Bites program and to swapping recipes with them whenever she gets the chance. When she is not working you might find her shopping at the local antique store, searching for the best almond milk cappuccino in Dallas, or playing ball with her nephews.