Greg Bounds, MPH

Director of Analytics
Brighter Bites

Greg Bounds is the director of analytics at Brighter Bites and recently completed his MPH degree at UTHealth School of Public Health in Houston.

Greg is no stranger to Brighter Bites. As a student, he has been a member of Dr. Sharma’s research team, managing and analyzing Brighter Bites’ data. In his new role, Greg will assist Brighter Bites in evaluating and managing program data and technology infrastructure.

Before joining the Brighter Bites team, Greg worked in academic information technology at Harvard Law School and Rice University and in academic research as an author / research assistant with physicians at Baylor College of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His research interests include evidence-based policies and practices, data science, demography, nutrition, and a little bit of everything else.

Greg received his BS in sociology from University of Houston. He and his wife are native Houstonians and moved back in 2011 after three years in the Boston area. Greg enjoys travel, reading, hiking, and physical activity.