Déjà King

Program Coordinator

Déjà King is a program coordinator for Brighter Bites in Houston. She was born and raised in Dallas, TX and has been a Houstonian for more than 5 years. Since arriving in Houston, TX she has devoted her time to the Houston community volunteering at several non-profits, thus making Brighter Bites’ community-centered mission the perfect fit for her!

In her free time, Déjà enjoys cooking large meals for her family and friends, taking dance classes, traveling, and spending time in nature on hikes or trips to the beach. In high school, she found her spark for public health after enrolling in a competitive medical program and shadowing at Baylor Hospital her junior and senior year. Déjà continued to grow this passion for science, medicine, health, and public health at the University of Houston while she studied Biology and Public Health Administrations. Throughout her time in college, she has worked to study public health epidemics such as substance abuse and addiction, childhood obesity, and family intervention.

Déjà is thrilled working for the Brighter Bites team because she knows the program has a direct impact on the community’s children one Brighter Bites bag at a time!