Carolina Sanchez-Jimenez

Program Coordinator

Carolina Sanchez-Jimenez is a program coordinator for Brighter Bites in Salinas, CA. She has worked with the community of Salinas Valley for over six years. Carolina has experience working with health programs that support individuals to live healthier. She has also assisted students by educating and mentoring them. Carolina is inspired to contribute to her community’s knowledge and well-being. As a Salinas resident, Carolina is aware of her community’s demographics, culture, and needs. Her knowledge and inspirations have taken her to graduate from California State University Monterey Bay. She received her undergraduate degree in Community Health & Human Services and hopes to further her knowledge. When Carolina came across Brighter Bites, she was amazed at its structure and its positive results. Carolina has a strong interest in the project’s mission statement. Therefore, she wants to transform the community into a healthy setting. Where vulnerable populations can have access to fresh fruits and vegetables regardless of their circumstances. Her passion for health, nutrition, and education have her excited to impact the community where she was born and raised.