Staff Spotlight: Meet Mike!

In this edition of Staff Spotlight, meet Mike!

Mike Pomeroy, Senior Program Director (right) pictured with Stefanie Cousins, Director of Marketing & Communications (left)

Mike Pomeroy is Brighter Bites’ senior program director and member of our Houston-based executive team. Mike has been with Brighter Bites since its inception in 2012 and worked with Dr. Shreela Sharma at UT Health School of Public Health on the evaluation of our program for its first few years. Mike joined our staff in his current role in the summer of 2015.

When asked what interested him in joining the Brighter Bites team, Mike said the following:

“In my studies at UT School of Public Health about food policy in the United States and the environmental determinants of health, I knew I wanted to help underserved families in this country have a sustainable way to learn how to eat healthier. When Dr. Sharma first told me in the summer of 2012 about Lisa’s idea to send families home with free fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, I was immediately drawn to the potential impact. As the program has grown, the original commitment to actually empowering families to make positive change in their lives has remained the core purpose of the organization. This is what draws me in and inspires me to be a part of Brighter Bites every day!”

Mike (right), pictured with Brighter Bites volunteers and Program Manager Lani Alcazar (second from left)

Mike loves visiting our program sites to join our amazing crew of volunteers to bag produce for our families. He’s inspired by the volunteers who come out to break a sweat for their fellow community members and also enjoys seeing all the beautiful, nourishing produce that we send home with our families each week.

Mike spent his early childhood in Las Cruces, New Mexico, before moving to Baytown, Texas, outside of Houston. He was both a self-described band nerd and theater geek during his high school days.

Today Mike enjoys living in Houston’s diverse city limits, full of people with big ideas from all over the world. When he’s not on the job, you’ll likely find Mike attending progressive political events or spending time with his husband Kris and their two rowdy pit-bull/boxer mix pups (April and Guinness).

We’re so lucky to have Mike as a leader for Brighter Bites. Be sure to say hi next time you see Mike at a bagging!