Holiday Cheer for a Fruitful Year

During the fall 2017 season, school faculty across the country implemented produce activities and CATCH Nutrition Education lessons in their classrooms to make learning about produce fun for students at Brighter Bites schools. We’re so grateful for the partnership of these amazing educators, whose engagement and belief in our program drove its success.

We were thrilled to receive a variety of positive testimonials from faculty at our schools as the season came to a close and are happy to share some of the feedback from educators in Austin, TX:

I teach Special Education, so most of my students are autistic and really do not like to try new foods. They get pretty particular about what they will eat, so I try to find recipes that they would be willing to try. If we can get them to at least try a taste of the new fruit or veggie, we are getting over a very big hurdle. We are making a book of the different fruits and veggies that we try. Since we’ve started doing Brighter Bites this year, my kids have grown more flexible and are willing to try more new fruits and veggies! – Teacher, Langford Elementary

It’s nice to know that the students are open to trying new foods, especially after they are encouraged from their peers.  – Teacher, Odom Elementary

Parents later reported that their children were requesting [mangoes] be purchased for consumption at home. – Teacher, Metz Elementary

I was amazed at how open-minded they were this week, willing to try the lettuces and tomatoes! – Teacher, Langford Elementary

The students love to interact with the produce by touching it, smelling it and tasting it. A large number of our students already knew that frying food made it unhealthy. – Teacher, Langford Elementary

One boy commented, “I didn’t know I liked vegetables until we tried them this year. I just didn’t know I liked them.” – Teacher, Langford Elementary