Brighter Bites Loves Local!

When we can, Brighter Bites supports local farmers by sharing the product of their hard work with our participants. After all, it is the growers who spend their days tending to the fresh fruits and vegetables that helps Brighter Bites create communities of health! This year, parents and children in some of our Texas cities have had the opportunity to touch, taste, and cook delicious fresh produce grown in their own state.

In Austin, through our partnership with Hardie’s Fresh Foods, we are featuring Texas grown produce throughout our Spring programming. These items include: oranges and grapefruit  (Edinburg Citrus Association), bok choy and beets (Rio Fresh), acorn squash (PPC Farms), collard greens (Johnson’s Backyard Garden), red cabbage (J&B Farms), and sweet potatoes (H.M. Smith & Sons). Our friends at Farmhouse Delivery have donated carrots, collards, radishes, kale, turnips, kohlrabi, and bibb lettuce all grown in Texas.

We are so grateful to the growers of fresh produce in the state of Texas!