Dallas Superstars

Brighter Bites is hard at work nationwide creating communities of health through fresh food to help our families make brighter food choices for brighter health outcomes. We learned early on that none of this would be possible without the support of the communities we serve, especially those of the families and school staff.

Read on to learn about three Dallas superstars who go above-and-beyond to make sure Brighter Bites shines in their schools.

Happy, Healthy Helpers

Maria is a standout parent volunteer at Anderson Elementary School. A Brighter Bites program associate shared the following about Maria: “Maria is a mother to six children and cares greatly about their nutritional needs. Maria and I have regular discussions and share recipe ideas. She always takes any extra [produce bag] sets she gets to the crossing guard and to the ice cream man in her neighborhood. Maria lives across the street from the school, so when the truck pulls up to deliver the Brighter Bites produce, she and her daughter Emma come on over ready to help.” Little Emma was recently given a Brighter Bites t-shirt so she could also shine in Brighter Bites red as she and her mom lend a helping hand.

Leading by Example

At Kleberg Elementary School, a special teaching assistant has shown her students the power of produce through her own life. She has changed her whole lifestyle since Kleberg began partnering with Brighter Bites. One daily example she sets for the kids — she now snacks on raw veggies and has come to really enjoy them, a true take-home lesson for Brighter Bites students!

Mayoral Motivation

Ma de is a parent volunteer at Hawthorne Elementary School who has earned the title ‘Mayor of Hawthorne.’ A Brighter Bites program coordinator explained why: “This is Ma de with her kiddos, Katherine and Nathalie. Ma de comes to every single bagging and doesn’t leave until the end of distribution each week. I call her the Mayor of Hawthorne because she knows and loves everyone at this school. She makes a friend out of everyone she meets and keeps us laughing each week.”

Thanks to all our Brighter Bites superstars! We couldn’t do what we do without you!