Using SNAP at Farmer’s Markets

Did you know that some farmer’s markets accept SNAP? Now you can spice up your routine by taking the kids on a farmer’s market adventure! It’s a great way for the kiddos to learn directly from the farmers about the fruits and vegetables they love. A scavenger hunt [like the one found here] is sure to spark your kids’ enthusiasm for a normally boring errand. When you involve your kids in the selection process they are more invested in the final outcome: dinner! The produce found at farmer’s markets are usually fresher because local farmers sell what is in season. Ever notice why tomatoes in summer are so much more flavorful than ones bought in December? It’s all about the season. You can use SNAP benefits on other items such as bread, honey, meats, fish, poultry, dairy products, and seeds/plants that produce food too. Below is a list of SNAP friendly farmer’s markets in Houston, Dallas, and Austin HOUSTON:

  1. East End Market, 2600 Navigation Blvd
  2. Get Moving Houston Farmers Market (Magnolia), 7037 Capitol St
  3. Get Moving Houston Farmers Markets (Lyons HC), 5602 Lyons Ave
  4. Get Moving Houston Farmers Markets (Sunnyside), 4605 Wilmington St
  5. Palm Center Farmers Market, 5400 Beekman Rd


  1. Dallas Farmers Market/Grow North Texas, 1010 S Pearl Expy
  2. Vickery Meadow Local Market, 5803 E Northwest Hwy
  3. White Rock Local Market At Lakeside, 9150 Garland Rd
  4. White Rock Local Market, Inc., 702 N Buckner Blvd


  1. Barton Creek Farmer Market , 2901 S Capital of TX Hwy
  2. F2m At Mueller Farmers Market, 4550 Mueller Blvd
  3. Hope Farmers Market, 412 Comal St
  4. Johnson’s Backyard Garden, 9515 Hergotz Lane
  5. SFC Farmers Market 6, 201 W Saint Elmo Rd
  6. SFC Farmers Market 7, 2200 Berkeley Ave
  7. SFC Farmers’ Market 5, 7500 S Pleasant Valley Rd
  8. SFC Farmers’ Market At Sunset Valley, 3200 Jones Rd
  9. Springdale Farm, 755 Springdale Rd
  10. Sustainable Food Center Farmers’ Market East, 2835 E MLK Jr Blvd